Rising Tide Radio – voyage to First Transmission

Around the seven seas of Europe, activists are campaigning against the same issues, yet don’t always know about eachothers existence.
A new wave of Europeans who know English as a second language are finding their way to youtube channels, communities and podcasts, but these are either local, or view the world through US glasses.
An ocean of power and lawmaking is whirling at an international level, but unions and other movements organize locally and struggle to be heard in the new public spheres that have bubbled into the mainstream.
Europe is more connected than ever, but still lacks a common progressive media sphere.

With Rising Tide Radio, we want to offer a condensed bi-weekly update straight from the black, green and red rebels and visionaries around Europe. Every episode we will also dig deeper into one issue that deserves to be brought up to the surface.

Current status: spreading our tentacles, plotting against the empire, and recovering from a common flu. Stay tuned.

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